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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions! Do you have more questions? We are all ears.

We ship from Spain, and for now we ship within the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. (We do not ship to: Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). We hope in a few months to be able to serve the rest of the world.

We would like to collaborate with you: If you like to knit, you make headbands, suits... Send us an email to mailto:lemongraphshop@gmail.com showing us the wonders you do, minimum order units and prices. We want the style to be similar to what we teach in our store. For now we are looking for headbands, hats, blankets, pillows, maternity dresses. But we are open to more. It's all about seeing and talking about it!

-If you live in Spain, the website charges 21% VAT, which you can deduct as a business expense. We have decided to show you the prices with VAT to be more transparent, so that you do not get scared in the shopping cart. In the shopping cart (before checking out) you can enter the name and the NIF at the same time so that you receive the invoice with all the data. -If you live in Europe and you are a company, to dedicate your taxes, DON'T FORGET to enter your VAT/EORI number first in the box at the bottom right of the website. You can also enter this number in the shopping basket. If when you add your product the website takes you to the final checkout, click on the shopping cart and in that previous step you can enter your VAT number.

Check the shipping policies at the bottom of the web. In any case, when you make your order, in about 3-4 days you will receive an email with the tracking, there you will be able to know its situation, so after the purchase, a little patience.

A good prop DISTINGUISHES YOU and makes you stand out, and that in our profession is the most valuable thing. How many times does a client come into our studio and comment on the wonderful things we have? Undoubtedly, the props that are part of our work is something that our clients take into account when hiring us. In our store we want to sell to photographers who aspire to the best and we want to give you that extra. We have always invested without fear: A good prop will always be a good investment and best of all, they are hardly devalued in the market. This means that if you get bored of it, you can continue to sell it second-hand at a very good price.

At the Right Button of the shop you can find the eu vat form.

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