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Marina Guille Inés and Tania.


When you are united by having undertaken in the midst of the 2018 crisis, you start from a solid enough base to overcome a second one years later, but this time together! And you know that union is strength!


Yes, this could briefly be our story. That of 4 young people, children of what some call the lost generation, who did not give up what was apparently our turn.


Marina, Guille, Inés and Tania. Or what is the same, Le photograph and Marketing for Lemons together and revolts. 

To be an entrepreneur in these times you have to be a little crazy. You have to assume that the price to pay for living off what makes you happy is high, very high. But it is well worth it! Because no one said it would be easy but neither did it say it would be so beautiful, so since no one beats us with enjoyment and we know a little bit about dreaming high and laughing hard, we embarked on this adventure together.

At Le Photograph we know how beautiful it is to portray unique moments forever, and at Marketing for Lemons we are used to creating those unrepeatable moments, so from our union, at Lemongraph, we want to help you create and portray them in the most beautiful way in the world, the one that each one of you is born from the heart.


Of course, with our support for May your work shine like never before and triumph like ALWAYS.

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